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Sea Point

Our Sea Point store is starting to rock n roll with the welcome addition of the lovely, kind, very professional and well known Jenny, who joined us after 20 years at Callaghan.

Fashion Forward

When I was a child my favourite toy, the one I found the most fascinating, was a kaleidoscope… you looked down the scope and the world inside kept shifting with the shapes and colours changing constantly – recently I returned from a buying trip to Paris and London and felt transported back to that world of shapeshifting, there is so much uncertainty everywhere you go – headline topics: Brexit / Trump / French Elections (pray that Emmanuel Macron wins – it will mean a lean towards sanity! )/ Zuma.

Even so the Collections were amazing. I saw such fabulous stuff and there is an exciting year ahead of deliveries to Studio 8. I’ve discovered a couple of new labels – watch this space! I must just share with you a pic of this wide wide legged “man’s” suit from Golden Goose.  Love love love… If only I could! Spotted on the streets of Paris: Shiny Plisse Skirts worn with tees and GG sneakers.

golden goose studio 8

What’s in Store

Studio 8 is looking gorgeous at the moment. The new ISABEL MARANT is a riot of the most gorgeous colours!

studio 8 Isabel Marant

On my screen

I’ve seen Manchester by the Sea (my bestest best), Lion (so moving with an amazing
performance by Nicole Kidman) and Moonlight (incredible and thought provoking).