Curated14_familySince our last newsletter we have 2 new additions to the Studio 8 family : Levi Wolf Savage born 17th November to Jane and Jon and Gabriel Jacobs to Michelle and Germaine on Xmas day. Both gorgeous naturally! Also we are so happy to have Amina here from Cyprus for six months. We are trying to persuade her to stay permanently but don’t think her husband will agree.







Disciples of DOSA will be ecstatic to know the label is back at Studio 8 and unpacked this week. For those not in the know, read more about it here
I love clothing but my aim is not to make fashion products. I want to make individual clothes that express a way of being & feeling. I want to make beautiful things that are experienced differently because they are made differently.” -Christina Kim, DOSA founder and designer



My trip to Paris for Isabel Marant Autumn/Winter 2015 was inspirational. The theme for next seasons collection is flashdance meets Russian ballet – all soft layers of leggings under short skirts teamed with masculine oversized jackets and coats. Really really beautiful. Marant is so clever – she gets her audience completely and never fails to get it just right.


Following Paris I was lucky enough to be given the most generous gift of a vacation to Havana Cuba, somewhere I’d always dreamed of going.  What a magical place.  Feeling as though I was in my very own film noir I was  driven around by Alfredo Hernandez in an open top 1948 red Buick 8.  Madly glamorous. I stayed in a gorgeous colonial hotel Iberostar Parque Centrale (can’t recommend it highly enough but ask for the colonial side). Have a drink at Dos Hermanos the bar Ernest Hemingway and Marlon Brando frequented and walk along the Malecon with the sea on one side and crumbling decaying exquisite villas on the other. Quickly get there before McDonalds arrives.




Jessika Munnell’s introduction of Barrebody to the women of Cape Town has been the most fabulous American import. Jessika, the daughter of a dancer, grew up in San Francisco and played professional soccer for six years. She moved to Cape Town where 18 years ago she opened its first hot yoga studio. With Andy, the love of her life, a food researcher and iron man who coaches athletes, Jessika moved back to the States and opened a hot yoga studio in Colorado. Two and a half years ago in Santa Monica, Jessika and Andy discovered Barre Pilates and brought the concept to Cape Town – a discipline which is a combination of ballet and Pilates. Not only is Jessika religiously fervent about physical wellbeing, her adherence to the principles of integrity, love, honesty and discretion makes her a joy to be around and an inspiration to women. The marriage of the Barrebody class, with the very healthy and delicious breakfast shake devised and manufactured by Andy, has assisted me personally in becoming healthier, stronger, fitter and happier. I cannot recommend highly enough! Read more at www.barrebody.co.za



Do not miss: Whiplash, The Imitation Game and Foxcatcher
On the box: The Affair – series and winner of two Golden Globes