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CURATED Autumn 17

Sea Point Our Sea Point store is starting to rock n roll with the welcome addition of the lovely, kind, very professional and well known Jenny, who joined us after 20 years at Callaghan. Fashion Forward When I was a child my favourite toy, the one I found the most fascinating, was a kaleidoscope… you […]

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CURATED Summer 16

News Flash Having no sooner got over starring in my own Kingsbury Hospital ICU drama (genre horror) than I decided to embark on a new adventure – Peach, which has been a landmark shopping destination in Sea Point for forever (Marine House, Main Road, 021 4397420) sadly closed its doors on 7th December and we […]

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CURATED Spring 2016

Missing In Action I’ve been MIA since May. After a routine check up I was told an unspecified something had been picked up on one of my lungs which had to be removed. “F….k no” was my immediate response “I’ve just discovered the most amazing hairdresser and I have two trips planned”. The lovely Prof de […]

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one teaspoon

CURATED Winter 2016

The Month of May I love the month of May …. Must be a hangover from my little girl days – I would wake up on my birthday to find an array of prezzies at the foot of my bed. Even though May now means I’m another year into my nearly dotage my enthusiasm for […]

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CURATED November 2015

From Tokyo/Paris I recently made a leap of faith and went back to one of my very first fashion loves – Comme des Garçons. I know the label is not everyone’s cuppa and is so very specific but I just could not resist and bought the Autumn/Winter 2015 collection. We have recently taken delivery and […]

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CURATED March 2015

OUR FAMILY Since our last newsletter we have 2 new additions to the Studio 8 family : Levi Wolf Savage born 17th November to Jane and Jon and Gabriel Jacobs to Michelle and Germaine on Xmas day. Both gorgeous naturally! Also we are so happy to have Amina here from Cyprus for six months. We […]

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